An Overview of the Many Types of Mobile Marketing Currently Available

Mobile marketing has developed into a fully functioning advertising market on its own and can be broken down in to at least nine different types. Mobile phone marketing serves the same purpose and conventional/commercial marketing, such as TV, radio, and print. That purpose it to reach and educate current and more importantly, new consumers about products, services, events and/or charities. It can also be used to promote people that have or are trying to brand themselves, like musicians and models. Mobile advertising just goes about it in a unique way. Below they are explained further.

Mobile banner advertisements are the exact same thing everyone sees online using a PC. They are the small to sometimes full screen ads that are for the purpose of gaining the attention of the viewer and get them to click on it. Once clicked the viewer is taken to that company’s website or a special site just pertaining to the ad banner. Well, a mobile banner advertisement works identically with one exception; mobile marketers have made it small enough to fit the screen of a mobile phone and/or device.

Voice marketing is when a mobile marketing company sends out a mass of automated and computer generated mobile phone calls from a pool of cell phone numbers. Many times politicians utilize this mobile marketing method around election times. This is pretty straightforward. The computer calls the consumer and they can choose to listen to the message or just hang up; simple but not always effective in this fast-paced world.

PPCall Mobile or Pay-Per-Call/Click-To-Call is a form of mobile phone advertising where a user can tap/click directly of a phone number listed in a mobile ad. The consumer is not charges for the call; instead the owner of the PPCall ads is. Once the customer call the number they will be connected to an automated message, a live customer service rep or any number of scenarios depending on the purpose of the phone number given.

Multi-Media message services are when mobile marketing agencies send out text messages containing promotional videos, audio files and/or images pertaining to a current or upcoming mobile promotion. Small businesses can also do this type themselves if they have an opt-in call list and the time.

Bluetooth Wireless Proximity Based Marketing and Location-Based Marketing both work in the same basic fashion. The consumers will receive location specific mobile phone advertisements depending on where their GPS enabled or Bluetooth enabled phone places them.

Near Field Communication, NFC is the technology mobile marketing services can utilize for the purpose of sending actual data to consumers’ mobile phones. This is done by the user taping a chip that has been strategically placed on an ad with their phone. Then the mobile phone will be directed to perform an action, such as open its mobile web or make a call.

Short message service, sms, is actually just texting. Mobile phone marketing using text is one of the most prolific types of the mobile marketing tools. There is billions of text messages exchanged every month across the globe, lending to an enormous opportunity for sms mobile marketing agencies to cash in. They simply send out content to a pool of consumer’s mobile phone numbers and wait for the response. A large portion of the footwork in spreading a promotion is done by the consumer.

Quick Response codes, QR codes are continually used by many mobile marketers because of the already visible popularity of them. They are the usually square bar codes in black and white that can be scanned with any mobile phone with a camera and an app to read it. Once read, the customer will get information on promotions, discounts, business information, and so on.