How to Increase the Number of Opt-Ins for SMS Promotions

One of the main issues and hindrances for many businesses wanting to get into mobile marketing is the lack of sms ready mobile phone numbers. Below are some quick and easy tips to get your business up to sms par.

Tip one. If you have a website be sure to have a section where there is a call to action for your customers to sign up for sms promotions. This is one of the easiest tips because there is very little to do because you already have the web platform in place. Also, your customers should already know about your site.

Tip two. Promote you sms congaing inside your place of business and outside of it. This can be done with business cards with the short codes and keywords on it. Another easy thing to do is to have a opt-in signup sheet when customers walk in. Have a place for their name and cell phone number that they choose to receive sms marketing messages to.

Tip Three. Utilize your company’s existing email database to increase your promotional mobile phone database. Again, send out the short code with the corresponding keyword to all the customers that have chosen to opt-in on receiving emails from your business. This is also great because if they like what they read they may forward it to their family and friends adding even more to you sms mobile number pool.

Tip Four. It is a great idea to use the social networking sites to your advantage by posting the sms promotion. There are literally millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, blog sites and others at any one time during the day and night. This media lends a great opportunity to promote your company and your sms promo to get more opt-in numbers.

Tip Five. The last, but not least, method of gaining more opt-ins is just plain old print and TV advertising means. This form of marketing is still the norm and can bring in many new mobile phone numbers from customers responding to an sms short code they read in a magazine or newspaper.

Using as many of these tips as possible will get you well on your way in building you sms marketing database for sms promotions.