How to Implement QR Codes in a Mobile Marketing Strategy

What are Quick Response codes, or QR codes? They are the bar codes used by mobile marketing agencies to transmit and share data/information via mobile phones. They are the little black and white digital looking boxes most everyone is getting used to seeing now days in magazines and online. Thanks to the Japanese automobile parts manufacturers’ need for a streamlined method of tracking their products, the mobile phone advertising industry has gone under a revolutionary change.

How do QR codes work for mobile promotions? First a quick explanation of how the codes typically work. QR codes are scanned by a mobile phone or devise that has a camera. Then the digital image is read/translated by an application the user has downloaded on their phone; the apps are usually free. Once the code is scanned and read, it is now active and can link the user to several different things, such as a website, a video or just the product/service information.

QR codes are ideal for mobile phone advertising because they are cheap and easy to produce and distribute. Also, the combination of print ads and QR codes has proved to be a very effective marketing strategy. They also provide mobile marketers with effective real-time tracking data for their promotional campaigns. This information allows the marketers to adjust their advertising direction as needed. In addition, once the consumer is familiar with how to use the codes, they are a fast and convenient way for them to gain information and/or to access to the company’s current promotion. The codes can them be shared on social network sites, like Facebook and through text/sms messages or even emails. Thus, spreading the work about the company and aiding in its recognition among consumers.

What is the most effective way to use QR codes for a mobile marketing solution? There are several things mobile marketing company can do with the codes. One thing is to choose the location of the codes. There are several places a marketer can put the QR codes for easy access by consumers, such as advertisement posters, online ads, business flyers and even a business card. Another place to the codes is in circulated and/or print materials, like magazines, catalogs, newspapers, to-go menus, receipts, and product packages.

Another mobile marketing tip for using QR codes is to have useful, fun, informative, or exciting content linked to the codes. Some of the most popular things linked to a QR code are a company’s home page or Facebook or other social network page. Some other common informational data are things like business address, contact information, email address, hours of operation, directions and sometimes a map to the company or an event. Fun QR codes may contain videos, game links or a survey/feedback. One of the most engaging and widely circulated QR code type are those with coupons, sweepstakes, freebies, giveaways, and good discounts.

So, if used properly and well planned out, QR codes and be a gold mind for advertisers offering mobile marketing services to their clients. If the codes are good enough to generate a buzz the consumers will spread the word like wildfire without the marketers having to spend a dime on TV spots or further print ads. The QR code users will do all the footwork for the mobile marketing agency.