How to Get the Best Results from a SMS Promotion by Including a Call to Action

Even the most carefully planned out sms promotion campaign can fail if there is no clear call to action. If customers receive a text from a business with a ho-hum message and nothing to get them revved up, more than likely the message will fall flat and probably be deleted. They will not share it or even respond to it. The best way for the consumer to spread the word is by the following tips to create a stir and a call to action.

Tip one. Flat out tell the targeted consumers to return/reply to the text they just received. An example would be, “For the best deal ever reply now with HURRY to 9999.” Direct the message to them in a manner that will make them respond right away before they forget they even received the message. Making the customer feel like they might miss out on a great deal if they do not reply “now” as the message states is usually a good method to get results from a text marketing campaign.

Tip two. Get the consumers to act by offering a direct dollar or percentage discount. This can have a considerable effect on mobile phone advertising by showing the customer exactly what they will be missing if they pass on responding to the sms message. A good example is, “Reply to 0000 with IWANT for $10 off your next purchase.” Everyone loves to save money especially if it is at a place they frequent for either goods or services.

Tip Three. Don’t be afraid of the social networking sites and blogs. Mobile marketer or companies should send out texts messages to their customer base alerting them about new posts to their company’s Facebook page or blog. Also, sending notifications of Tweets that contain a call to action is proven to be a successful strategy to get consumers to act. One such example on Facebook could be, “If you Like our page, you will love the deal you get when you text FBLOVE to 3311.”

Before a sms mobile marketing plan is set into motion, businesses need to think through just how to get their targeted customers to react to their text messages. Along with the many other aspects of a careful planned out campaign, a call to action is one of the important one. Without it the whole mobile marketing strategy could end up one big FAIL.