An In-depth Look into SMS Mobile Marketing and Why It Works

Due to the ever present mobile and smartphone phenomenon, there is a trend causing a storm called sms mobile marketing. Although this form of marketing is still not as popular as traditional marketing techniques, such as television, radio, and print, it’s thought to be a modern way for businesses to advertise and promote for some time to come and is quickly becoming the norm.

This semi-new style of marketing is truly unique because it offers the business owner and sms marketing services the ability to offer consumers promotions on demand. The birth of email back in the 1990’s is very comparable to business sms marketing today. Email serves its purpose and is great for certain things, such as internet mobile marketing, but sms marketing has proven to have a better response from the public. This is most likely attributed to the seemingly endless choice of mobile phones on the market that show the customer the promotion as soon as it is received.

Lots of people now days communicate on a regular basis with their family and friends via text messages. This creates a significant advantage for business owners utilizing text message codes. When people hear their text message alert sound, it prompts an almost instant reaction to respond. Imagine if your text received indicator went off right now, wouldn’t it be almost impossible to not at least acknowledge it?

Another uniquely wonderful thing about sms marketing is it doesn’t work like spam or junk emails. The consumers are completely in control of which companies they would like to get the texts from by opting in or opting out of the message pool.

Companies give their customers short text message codes to text certain numbers if they are interested in receiving specials or other content. For example, a company might send, “Text BIGSAVINGS to 6363 for this month’s offers.” In actuality the “BIGSAVINGS” is the company’s text messaging list and the 6363 the short code sent to the list. After the customer sends a text to the short code it is retrieved and responded to with a follow up message, including an opt in/out confirmation and the discount. FTC requires that this opt in/out part of the message be sent so that the customer is in complete control of what they receive.

This is very significant for smaller businesses, like night clubs or bars that might have the occasional slow night. For instance, if an owner is having a very slow night he/she can send out text message codes for specials to people on their list offering super deals for the evening, such as a free cover charge until a specified time.

At the present time sms marketing services through a high profile mobile marketing agency might only be practical for large corporations, such as Walmart. These companies can usually afford to lease their own common short code or CSC which can range in price from $500.00 to $1000.00 per month. However, there are several services that are more cost effective for small businesses to manage their own web based text lists. This makes it possible for all company sizes to have the same opportunity to allow sms mobile marketing to save them money on advertising and to increase their customer base.