NFC has Mobile Phone Advertising Companies Planning for a Bright Future

NFC technology has great potential for mobile phone advertising companies. Near Field Communication allows users of enabled mobile devices to just simply tag an area on a product or ad poster embedded with a chip and preform an action. There have been several companies running with this new technology, however, there are three in particular that stand out for joining forces. They are: Blue Bite, Proxama and Tapit. The three companies joined for the purpose for promoting the potential uses as a mobile marketing strategy.

The potential is enormous for mobile promotions. There are well over 41 million mobile phones and devices currently enabled with NFC technology plus the number is steadily growing with the smartphone industry. As more and more mobile phone manufacturers add this technology as a standard feature, NFC will rapidly grow in usage just as the QR codes are used now.

However commonplace QR codes may be, NFC will have much more range in mobile phone advertising by the functions/actions it can initiate. For instance, a movie poster could have spot on it for customers to tap with their mobile phones that will open cause their web browser to open to the movie website or social media site. Once there, the customer could review the movie, share movie website or get offers for discount merchandise. The possibilities are virtually endless for scenarios such as this one.

Another example of the power of the NFC technology would be for a consumer to tap a product packaging in the appropriate spot and be taken to that product’s website. There the consumer can download a virtual coupon to their “mobile wallet” to be used at check out. Also, in this example the user can even pay using NFC with their “mobile wallet.” This could streamline mobile marketing solutions in a big way.

If Blue Bite, Proxama and Tapit have anything to do with it, NFC will be used just as much or more than QR codes for mobile phones marketing. Dan Trigub, the Vice President of Business Development for Blue Bite, has expresses excitement for the potential surrounding the Near Field Technology and how it can be used to reach multitudes of potential customers via mobile promotion options.