NFC Technology Could Emerge as the Winner over QR Codes

A mobile marketing company can benefit from the NFC or Near Field Communication technology in more ways than just using QR codes. The further this technology is developed, the more likely it will become the main source of promotion distribution. This is because NFC is an actual data exchange and provides a greater platform to customize promotions and such. However, QR codes are currently the first choice simply because they are so widespread and recognizable by consumers worldwide.

NFC technology has been around since 2002 when it was developed by NXP Semiconductors and Sony. Near Field Communication allows a mobile phone or device to transfer real data between itself and a chip that is within 4 cm or less. The wireless data sharing application is mainly being used for payment purposes. For example, paying for a cup of coffee at a café by swiping one’s mobile phone instead of pulling out a credit card. This is because the NFC technology allows users to store confidential information, such as the Mobile Wallet which “holds” bank account and credit card numbers to be used for payments.

QR codes are everywhere now days. They are the usually one inch by one inch funny looking squares resembling a digitized barcode and are on many products, in magazines and even online. The mobile marketer industry uses them for promotions. Consumers simply take a picture with their mobile phone or devise equipped with an equipped with a camera and an app on the phone translates this in to readable data. Also, these codes can be shared through emails and social networks, unlike NFC technology. This has aided in their popularity with many mobile marketing agencies.

Even though NFC technology is still fairly new and in its early development stage, it shows great potential. If the developers can get over the hurdle of having to touch and/or be within the 4 centimeters for the data transfer to work, this technology could explode in the mobile phone advertising world. Also, a combination of the two is expected by industry watchers, to become the norm soon. One example would be for customers to scan a QR code offering discounts for using their NFC enabled mobile phone or devise at a participating establishment for payment. This is an exciting time in the mobile marketing industry anticipating the potential uses of the NFC technology, especially in combination with QR codes.