The Top Three Mobile Marketing Tips When Using QR Codes

There are a ton of tips for mobile marketing companies planning to use QR codes in their promotions strategy. Some such tips include: plan, plan and plan some more, try to never change the content linked to the QR code during an ongoing promotion, and make sure the size is appropriate to its location. These are all great tips. However, there are three very important tips to follow when planning to use QR codes that will almost guarantee a successful promotional campaign.

The first QR code tip is CONTENT. Mobile marketers must remember that the consumer is actually taking the time to go through the necessary steps to scan the code and wait for the information to come up on their mobile phone. If the content is not worth their time after scanning the code, this could turn them off to the product or service forever. They may even be so annoyed they post negative comments in the social media world about it. This could be bad if they have a lot of friends/follower. On the other hand, if the content in interesting and engaging, the consumer is almost surely to share the QR code with friends, family, and/or co-workers, especially if the content is fun or a money saver. Therefore, the more thought put in to the content the better for a successful mobile promotion, as the goal it to drive consumers to use and spread the QR codes.

The second QR code tip is DISTINCTION. Almost everyone has seen the usual small black and white digital looking squares; so to stand out in the crowd mobile marketing companies have to distinguish their QR codes. This can be done in a few different ways. The easiest is to change the size or even better the color from the usual back and white. Another way to stand out is to change the basic square shape. A circle, star or triangle could pop off the ad page. Additionally, a brand could even ad their logo or some other type of image into the QR code for even more recognition.

The third QR code tip is TEST-TEST-TEST! This tip could mean the difference between a successful mobile phone advertising campaign and a complete flop. If a mobile marketing agency makes a QR code public without testing it first it could wind up being a disaster and a budget buster. To avoid this, the code should be tested repeatedly at every step in its creation and/or fine-tuning. It is also important to have the code tested by multiple people with several different mobile phones and devises many times before the QR code is released for public use. If the code is not functioning properly before release, it will prove to be a lot more difficult to fix it once in the public. This last tip may be the most important of them all.

If a mobile marketing agency follows these tips they can almost be assured to have a mobile promotion that will produce results. It will take proper planning for any QR code campaign to be a victory for their clients, but it is possible, and the above tips just make it a little easier.