New Technology Trends Affecting the Mobile Marketing Industry

With the new technological advancements in mobile phones and devices, the world has suddenly become virtually borderless for businesses and mobile marketing agencies looking to promote. Even the tiniest business, like a home-based dog house manufacturer, can launch a global mobile marketing campaign. This is due in part to the cost effectiveness and the easy of launching a promotion. In fact, there are not many individuals and companies that have not been touched in some way by these advances which have kicked the door wide open for mobile marketers to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Mobile phone technology is the biggest drive behind the low cost, as compared to other advertising means, mobile advertising industry. The evolution of the mobile phone has been extremely dramatic. Just a couple of decades ago most everyone relied on land lines and pagers, then later the two-way radio phones, like Nextel. Now, mobile phones are many peoples main choice of communication abandoning their land line altogether. This has spurred an onslaught of advanced, such as the Smartphones and the multitude of applications to go with them.

There are millions of mobile phone users across the globe and with the texting technology included on nearly every single phone; it has made mobile marketing solutions unbelievably effective. Even though about 9 to 10 years ago hardly anyone heard of the term, mobile promotions; now it has become just about as commonplace as the term, TV commercials. Also, because it was just an emerging field in marketing, the cost was sky high and only companies with extremely large advertising budgets used mobile marketing. My how quickly have times and technology changed.

Mobile devices, like tablets have also exploded onto the mobile marketing scene in a big way. Besides the equipped mobile phones, mobile devises with internet access and video viewing capabilities have aided in the mass use of mobile promotions. They allow businesses to promote with multi-media, like images, audio and video which can be very effective at getting consumers’ attention.

The public is so infused with mobile technology that businesses and mobile marketing services not using or offering a mobile phone strategy for promotions will more than likely fall behind their competitors. Those that are taking advantage of the recent mobile phone and device boom are sure to advance their company in the marketplace with the aid of mobile promotions, especially since this industry is still growing and evolving.