The Top Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips for a Successful Campaign

Whether you are a mobile marketer or a business owner looking for mobile marketing strategies, the following information is just what you need. Everyone planning a mobile marketing campaign needs to have a well thought out strategy.

Don’t forget to create a mobile marketing plan for the voice customers. They are few, but one out of four mobile phone users will only respond by actually speaking to a live person. To reach these customers it is best to always have a phone number available for them to call. This can be done by sending it out in a sms message or in a mobile banner.

Don’t neglect to set up a mobile website. Even though some smartphones can view desktop websites, it is not the standard yet. A mobile web site that can load on the phone within five seconds will ensure the consumer will be able to connect quickly and seamlessly or they could just close it out and move on never viewing the content. For a successful mobile marketing campaign there needs to always be a call of action on the mobile site just as in the sms marketing message.

Use text messaging to keep a visible presents with consumers. SMS promotions not only reach the intended party, but they can be shared among other mobile phone users by being forwarded or posted to social networking sites. Always stay on top of the opt-in database for proper promotion content distribution to permitted mobile numbers. SMS promotions are the heart and soul of mobile marketing campaigns. Also, be sure your call to action is strong and clear for your customers to get the best ROI from the promotions.

Staying visible on the social networking sights is another great strategy for mobile marketing. Companies will have a pool of literally millions of potential customers. Promotional short codes and even QR codes and be posted to these sites. Also, current sms promotions can even be posted so they can be distributed by the businesses followers.

If you take one thing away from this information, it is always have a call to action for your customers. This above all other tips is the most important. Utilizing some or all of these tips will help to create a successful and profitable mobile marketing strategy to ensure the most ROI.