Integrating the Social Media Monsters Facebook and Twitter into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you have been alive longer that a few years you know what Facebook and Twitter is, but just in case you don’t here, it goes. They are the social network giants where millions keep in touch, share information, businesses post updates, multi-media is uploaded and more recently the mobile marketing industry is taking a foothold. With almost 50% of mobile consumers using their phones to access the internet and half of them using it to check and post on Facebook and Twitter it is no wonder the mobile marketers have begun to take notice. With these statistics you should take notice as well.

If you or your company have a Facebook page and follow other companies you have probably began to see advertisements for sms short codes from companies, like Red Box for one. They occasionally post things like, “For daily deals text FUN to 7xxxx” They and many others are using this as a pre-promotion and announcement for their sms promotion they have launched. This is proving to be very effective.

The key is to get followers your Twitter and Facebook accounts before you begin posting about your upcoming or current text promo. This could be the trickiest part as both Networking sites have monitors to help weed out spammers. This means you may only be allotted a certain number of “friend” requests per day without causing your request feature to be temporarily shut off. Therefore care should be taken so your businesses page is not closed due to repeat violations.

Twitter can be extremely beneficial to sms marketing because of the real-time postings and most users have their mobile phones set to notify them of new Tweets. Plus they can read them, as well as Facebook posts right on their mobile phones. Twitter has caught the eye of mobile marketing agencies because of how easy it is to use and its enormous popularity worldwide. Once a follower base has been established you can instantly reach them all at the same moment with a short, 140 or less, message about your sms promotion, or even send out a short code for them to respond to.

Either social media giant will be a great tool in you mobile marketing arsenal, but using them both can prove to be even better. This is because you will open business to two differing groups of potential customers. There are some users of the networks that only use one or the other. So, if you are set up on both your reach will extend even further.