How Retail Stores can Utilize Mobile Marketing to Steer Traffic Their Direction

Retail stores and mobile promotions seem to be a match made in marketing heaven. Retail stores are always vying for new customers and battling their competition to keep their current ones. The many methods of mobile marketing solutions available fit right into the retail world perfectly. Take sms promotions for example; many retailers now send out text marketing content on a regular basis to draw customers in.

A great discount sms promotion can bring in many buyers. This is the same for short codes, QR codes and even NFC technology as long as the retailer can follow through on the offer and/or discount. During the holiday season retailers really give a push to their customer base by sending out offers and coupons that just can’t be ignored. One sms holiday promotion example could be, “Quick Santa said to text HOHOHO to 404040 for your special holiday discount code for 75% off select merchandise.” This has all the right components to get a reaction out of the retail store’s customers. This is probably even a sms promotion they would want to share, which is a good thing because it should bring new customers.

Having a mobile website is another mobile marketing tool that corals customers to that particular retailer. If a customer is directed to the company’s mobile website via QR codes or sms, and they have merchandise that can be bought, many times they will buy. This is especially true if the mobile promotion involves coupon codes or discounts. In fact, that is one of the best ways to attract customers and keep the old ones. There are tons of mobile coupons being used every year and the number is continually on the rise.

Making customers feel exclusive and special is another way retailers are using sms mobile marketing to pull in the customers. If a retailer sends out a text promotion saying, “For our wonderful customers we are offering you an extra 10% off clearance items – use discount VIP10 at checkout.” This sms promotion gives them an extra discount and at the same time makes them feel important to the success of the retailer.

Retailers that keep up to date information as well as fresh and informative will have the best ROI from their mobile marketing efforts. They need to stay on top of the content they are sending out to their customers and what they have on their mobile website, because bad information and/or wrong discount codes could turn off a customer to a retailer for good. For example, if a code of supposed to offer $10 dollars off the entire purchase price, but when they go to check out and the code doesn’t work the customer may get really upset at the wasted time that they just cancel out the order and never visit the site again. Mobile marketing works extremely well for the retail as long as they are well thought out and planned down to the very last detail.