How Mobile Marketing has Grown Over the Years

Did you know most mobile phone users use their phones to text more then to make calls? Well, it’s true. Even though most users no longer use a home phone to make calls, texting if king. This has caused an explosion of in the mobile marketing industry over the past 5 to 6 years. Also, because most cell phone owners have their phone with them constantly, mobile marketers and target them at all hours throughout the entire year. Consumers are even reachable on holidays, whereas in the past conventional advertisements may have been missed due to traveling or family get-togethers.

The statistical information surrounding mobile phone usage is astounding. What do you think there is the percentage of mobile phone users in the United States? Drumroll please, it is hovering around 87 to 89 percent. Cell phone usage has even surpassed the good old home computer and landline services. What advertising company could pass up on these numbers?

Have you ever wondered what mobile phone owners are doing with their phones? Most of them are texting and those that text, are texting over 600 messages each month. Mobile marketing gold! You can see why marketers have dollar signs in their eyes. Consumers are also using their phones to take photos, about 70 percent of them, which is great news for QR code promotions. Also, about 42 percent of the users are using their mobile phones to access the mobile web and 25 percent are active on social networks through their phones.

This is all great news for mobile marketing companies and businesses choosing to begin their own mobile campaign. In fact, sms discounts and promotions have grown so popular it is believed by industry watchers that the number of sms coupons sent to mobile phones could reach a staggering 70 million. This is great news for both the consumer and the mobile marketing agencies. This increase will mean the number of businesses getting into the mobile promotion world with continue to climb creating deeper discounts for consumers and more visibility for brands. So, it looks like mobile marketing solutions are here to stay and will be present in a big way for a long time to come.