Why Mobile Marketers are Choosing SMS Marketing

Of course there will never be an end to television, print and radio/satellite commercials and advertisements, but with mobile phones so intergrade in to almost every society throughout the world, sms marketing is rapidly becoming king. The statistics on texting and cell phone ownership are just too undeniable for mobile marketing agencies to ignore. Mobile phones have even exceeded the house phone; in fact many people no longer use a home phone. There is almost 90 percent of the population that own mobile phones in the United States alone, with approximately more than 135 billion texts being exchanged on a monthly basis. Yes that was billion-monthly-U.S. only! That means each year there are sms, or texts going out and coming to consumers’ mobile phones and devices by the 100’s of trillions. This is a literal gold mine for mobile marketing companies.

There are many methods to mobile marketing with new advancements, improvements, new apps, and technologies joining the ranks of the sms promotion options, but with the statistics listed above, sms is more than holding its own. Some big corporations and brands want to go with more high-tech and lavish new mobile marketing solutions that have exploded onto the scene, such as internet mobile marketing via phones’ mobile web, smartphone apps and banners. However, as it stands the public is all but addicted to texting so sms mobile marketing is here for the long haul.

Other reasons most mobile phones marketing companies are sticking with sms promotions over the other approaches is due to its straightforward simple methodology, for one. Two, texting is universally ingrained in the fabric of communication on a worldwide basis. Three, every consumer who uses text understands how it works; there is no need for instructions. Four, the cost is much more effective than most of the other mobile marketing solutions currently available.

Text marketing is just that. The consumer gets a text message on their mobile phone and they respond almost immediately upon hearing the notification sound. If the sms promotion content is interesting enough or contains a demanding call to action, they will complete one to several actions accordingly. They may reply to the short code, forward the sms to a friend or family member or even share it on their social networking sites. This is ideal for brands looking to get the word out about a new product/service quickly.

Believe it or not, there have been mobile phones spotted in remote areas where the peoples still live in a village type setting. This is just how much the mobile phone technology has changed the world of communication and mobile advertising with it, especially since the birth of texting. There hasn’t been a more ideal way for marketers to promote then sms marketing, excluding television as the public is still addicted to it as well. However, with mobile TV apps and such, it could even beat television commercials in the near future.

With the world’s fingers doing much of their talking these days no one need training or a set of instructions to get a sms promotion on their mobile phones. Other options like NFC and QR codes take a few extra steps and require the consumer to have previous knowledge or follow on screen or printed directions on how to get the promotional content to their mobile phones. With sms mobile marketing, the target audience is already knowledgeable on what to do.

Finally, the cost. SMS promotions can be completed by any sized business because there are many options to fit all mobile marketing solution budgets. There are elite mobile marketers for the big corporations and DIY services for the smaller guys. However, no matter the company size or budget sms marketing will remain a top choice for most.