Mobile Phone Marketing Creates an Individualized Relationship with Consumers

Take a moment and think about television and print ads for a moment. How do they make you feel? Do you feel a connection to the brand or business? Do you feel like you are just one in thousands that are reading this and it doesn’t really matter if you patronize them or not? Or do you even stop to read or listen to conventional advertisements anymore? If you are like most, you will probably turn the channel if a TV commercial is on; skip right over the print ads in a newspaper or magazine, right? Now imagine the business owner from just one of these ads contacted you directly asking you do business with them?

This is just the effect sms marketing has on most consumers. The direct contact makes them feel you are dealing with them on an intimate level and they are not just a face in the crowd. The sms mobile marketing strategy offers this added benefit and can create a loyal customer base. Even though you are sending out the same text to everyone on your opt-in mobile phone list, the fact that they are receiving it on their own cell phone it feels more personal.

One great tip it solidify this is to send out a sms promotion with an extra discount different than what you may offer at your business or website. This makes your customer really feel elite and like one of your VIP’s. When a customer feels this connection they are more likely to use your company’s goods or services time and again. They are also more likely to tell friends, family and co-workers about how great your business is, giving you a high recommendation.

Dealing directly with your customer base through sms promotions is a sure way to ensure your marketing needs are met and you get the highest ROI on you advertisement dollar. Just be sure to offer exclusive deals and information they would not find anywhere else pertaining to your company. Then before you even realize it, you could have a loyal customer base ready to make purchases and spread the word.