How to integrate SMS Marketing into a Customer Relationship Management System

There is a very limited number of Customer Relationship Management, CRM, systems are not integrated with sms marketing technology, even though mobile phone communication is key for most every business in this fast-paced mobile world. Being able to connect with a company’s customer base via mobile phone can be extremely important and especially so when it comes to advertising. The world has become a lot small with texting and anyone can now be in the global marketplace.

Companies need to try to build their mobile phone database for sms marketing. Many consumers may be skeptical about passing out their mobile number just to receive text messages from a company; no one wants spam they have to pay their carrier to receive. This can be achieves in several ways. A business can offer to send out exclusive offers for those that opt-in. Another way is to offer them time sensitive information directly to their mobile phone, such as order conformations and delivery tracking numbers. The customer needs to be reassured they will not be spammed and they can opt-out at any time.

Another way to incorporate sms marketing into a CRM is with added security for your customer base. This makes the feel more comfortable about providing the company with their mobile phone information. One proven method of security has been achieved with simply security verification codes. These codes will be sent to the customer who is registering on the company’s website which is asking them for personal information. Once they have entered their information an automatic sms message is sent out with the verification code. Once they follow the steps in entering in the code they will in turn receive a confirmation they have securely signed-up and are protected.

These tips make the customers feel more secure and that it is worth their wild to give over their mobile phone number that will be used for the purpose of receiving mobile marketing content from a business directly to them. Keeping the customers comfortable is how a company will integrate their Customer Relationship Management system with sms ready mobile phone numbers for sms marketing.