Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Phone Promotions Finally Answered

For those just getting started in the world or mobile marketing it can feel a bit over whelming at first. Many newbies have a ton of questions. There are places online to find these answers, but after searching through website after website, it can become utterly exhausting. Then trying to remember all the information is a sure way be get a big headache and become turned off to the whole aspect of mobile marketing solutions for their business. Below are compiled some of the most frequently asked and searched questions on the subject.

What in the world is opt-in and opt-out? This just simply means the consumer has the right and option to allow a business sms be sent to their mobile phone and/or device. This is usually done by them texting back a keyword to a short code. Many time to begin receiving sms promotions there will be a message saying something like, “Text BANANAS to 00000 join our fruit of the month club updates.” The message for opting-out is usually under the out-in message and can look like this, “Reply with STOP to opt-out.” The opt-out part of the sms promotional text is mandatory under FCC regulations.

Now the question is what’s a short code and Keyword? The keyword is the phrase the consumer sends back to the short code to begin to receive the promotional texts. BANANAS in the above example would be the keyword in that instance. However, it will not always be letters; some marketers may include numbers as well. The short code is the small group of numbers the customer will text their reply too, such as 00000 from the example above.

Another question in mobile marketing is: what is this sms anyway and how is it different than texting? SMS simply stands for short message service. This is just another way of saying texting. It is the technical name for it and those in the marketing world find that it sounds more important and professional to offer sms marketing instead of text marketing. Therefore, there is not difference between the two terms.