Do Not Start or Launch a Mobile Marketing Campaign before Reading This

There are hundreds of small businesses to large corporations joins in on the mobile marketing sensation every month it seems. They are promoting anything from new products, big sales, yearend clearance, concerts, and more. The aspect of possibly reaching nearly 90 percent of the U.S. population alone with mobile marketing solutions, such as sms promotions is just too much for many to ignore this genre of advertising. However, there are some dangers in rushing into and quickly launching a sms mobile marketing campaign. It is this rush to beat the competition that causes a mobile ad plan to be torpedoed.

Increase sms promotions. This may sound like common sense, but many companies will only run one sms campaign and think they are done. Mistake number one. Every time a company launched a sms promotion to their customers their mobile phone opt-in list will grow. This is for several reasons. One, the customers will share a really good sms deal with their family and friend; sometimes even putting it on the social networking sites giving the business more numbers. Two, as word about the business is spread by word of mouth and even walk-ins or websites with sign-up forms, the list of numbers again will continue to expand, increasing the ROI. Therefore, a new or repeating sms marketing strategy should be part of a company’s advertising plan.

A weak or no call to action is also a big issue. This is mistake number two. Businesses and mobile marketers should not be afraid to be demanding and daring to get consumers to respond to their sms promotion. It is even better to have several points in the text telling them to act. Action by the receiver is the point of a sms campaign and with a weak or missing call to action the ROI could be at a minimum. Also, demanding doesn’t mean rude or offensive, as this will for sure be a big FAIL. An example of a good call to action, “NOW is the time to SAVE big, text HUGE to 12345 for 50% off hurry don’t miss out text now.” This example has urgency and a call to action that is almost certain to get a respond.

Over use of sms promotions will have just as a negative effect on the mobile campaign as under use. Well, this is mistake number three. If a marketer or business get over zealous and sends out daily sms promotions the customers could become annoyed and/or immune to the text promos. They could even block the sms from coming in all together. This would be detrimental for the ROI. A good rule of thumb is no more than once a week, with maybe the occasional “Big Deal” or “Yearend” mobile promotion.

Just fixing these few mistakes can lead to a larger ROI on any sms mobile marketing plan. They seem simple, but these mistakes could really be perilous to the promotions especially for smaller businesses without a large advertising budget. This may be their only means of marketing their goods and/or services. Always remember to carefully plan out every mobile marketing idea and avoid these mistakes at all cost before the launch.