What Exactly is Mobile Marketing in the Mobile Phone World

Have you been hearing the buzz around mobile marketing, text message codes and sms promotions, but are not exactly sure of what it is? Well, the actual definition is in dispute because of the ever changing world of new and improved technologies. However the Mobile Marketing Association defines mobile marketing as, “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

When you market to your customers or target customers using their mobile phones, this is considered sms promotions or sms marketing. This is pretty straight forward. You collect the cell phone numbers then you send out information about your business, an upcoming sale and so on. Sometimes this content has been requested and others it is just sent out in mass. Nevertheless, the information should be kept short and to the point. Mobile phone users will not usually read anything that takes more than four minutes to complete.

Text message codes are just a part of sms marketing. This is then a business or hired business sms marketer sends the Short Codes to the collected mobile phone numbers. An example would be if you have ever gotten a text message that reads something like, “Reply to 1234 with DEAL for your special discount on…” The 1234 is the Short Code. However, text message codes could also be coupon codes for that companies retail or services website, such as WINTER45 which could mean 45% off their winter stock of whatever they sell online.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of texting now days, your business as well as anyone’s business, event or charity can greatly benefit from incorporating a sms business marketing strategy in to their advertising plans. Did you know that 95% of mobile phone users generally read text messages within a five minute period after receiving the message arrival notification? Well it’s true. This makes text marketing and promotions highly successful.

The key in getting a great ROI on a sms marketing campaign is to get the consumers to respond to the message and to share it with their family and friends. This means the content of the text message codes must be appealing enough to drive a buzz for your business. As mentioned earlier, coupon codes offering discounts and Short Codes for freebies or important offers are a great way to go.

Before you get started on your own mobile marketing plan using a sms promotion, here are a couple of tips. One, be sure to test your promotion codes before texting them out. The just when you think they are working as planned, test them all over again using several phones and devices. This way you can avoid any issues with broken codes or incorrect information going out to your customers and potential customers. You wouldn’t want to send out a code for 15% off and the customers get the code as 50% off. This could prove to be a costly mistake that could be avoided.

So, not matter how you cut it, sms marketing as part of you mobile marketing strategy is a great cost effective way to get the word out about your business and its products/services. If you are not doing it yourself, be sure to find a reputable mobile marketing company that offers top notch sms marketing services. Good luck to you and many happy returns.